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What Is RPA and how we can help you automate your workplace ?

As you see in the above example how a software robot can save time and money plus eliminate human errors. In any digitalization, roadmap companies aim for efficiency and optimization. In Trinity, we specialized in this field and we use robotics for automating repetitive tasks that people perform every day at the workplace. This frees up several hours in a week and thus gives an opportunity for the worker to do other strategic tasks the robot cannot do.

  • We make a video of the process.
  • We analyze the video with AI to see if the robot can do all the tasks 100%
  • We develop a prototype of the robot for free and do an internal test
  • Alongside we make a benefit calculation to ensure the robot will be of value for the business
  • We then have a test for the robot in your environment 
  • If all the above is satisfactory for you, we will then agree for the cost.
  • We then give you the robot to use with a license

The advantages of robots is that they work 24/7 and they are independent of backend applications they work mostly in all environments and applications.

What About Costs?
Depending on the complexity and the length of the robot Prices range from $3000~$25,000.